Back hurts so much, its been about a week now that it has been hurting. I just want to lay down all day, but I have classes to get to, most of which involves sitting and walking :(


Becoming a teacher is starting to be a real pain in the butt. I am not sure if I would be able to graduate next year, even if I stay for the summer. With requirements changing it is becoming really hard to keep up with everything and my counselor is no help at all. 

I want to be magic. I want to touch the heart of the world and make it smile. I want to be a friend of elves and live in a tree. Or under a hill. I want to marry a moonbeam and hear the stars sing. I don’t want to pretend at magic anymore. I want to be magic.
Charles de Lint   (via owls-love-tea, endofmarch)

My Brother’s soccer team. The weird thing is, theses are all high school kids, they play against Marine teams, people that are far old and have more skill, but they made it to 4th place. They are some weird kids, but they are very good at playing soccer.